Friday, August 02, 2002

i can't believe it..i had a hard time answering the 2nd part of my exam today..i studied, but i guess i could've studied harder. Anyway, i don't wanna feel bad anymore, cos it's been done.

As i was surfin the net last night, i found myself amazed with all those wonderful pages of some people, that i don't know, i enjoyed browsing through their pix and reading their blogs and stuff like that. I admire their hardwork and their creativeness. *wonder if i can do something like that* i hope..

That would be all for now, i still have to download some MP3..Ciao!

Thursday, August 01, 2002

oooppss...there seems to be an error here..tsk tsk tsk..hope i can fix that July 31, 2002 ish (10:27 pm)..well, i'll see what i can do..bye again :)
i feel so tired and fed up with school work and household chores (though im not doing anything much right now, cos im real lazy)...And i miss my dad terribly that i'd sometimes cry at night.I hope he's here with us, i hope he doesn't have to work in another country. How i wish that next week he'll be here with us and never leave again but then i thought 'how am i gonna pay my school tuition fee which is very high and not that affordable' Oh well, at least im in third year now and in a few years time i'll be graduating..maybe, hopefully (to be honest, im not doing good in school, my grades are so low..ive got back subjects...whew!!!) Is there anyone in this world who has the same sentiments as i do....if so please tell me cos i feel really low and alone in this troubled life of mine.Til here for now..i still have to study..God bless..Ciao!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

just fixed it..
hey there...glad you found my newly set-up blog (which i have tried just now)..
i am so excited to start this baby up..right now i've got one blog only, but eventually i hope it'll
increment to at least 2 or 3. well for this blog, i'd be posting everything that can be talked about
day-in or day-out (as long as it's not offending or censored)..

well that would be all for now..i still have to clear up some things..Ciao!
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if you have any comments or if you just wanna say hi...take care y'all